Thursday, October 8, 2009

You can truly taste the difference between a light, fluffy delicious flavoursome Cupcake batter covered in rich velvety chocolate ganache or correctly combined butter cream frosting yum yum yum! And a boring Cupcake batter smeared in a sugary grainy textured icing with something fancy on top like a cookie, flower OR mini chocolate bar to name a few yuk!


Spun Gold - choc cc covered w dark choc frosting & caramel toffee shards

Princess Katie - vanilla cc covered w luscious caramel frosting & silver cachous

Jaffa - choc- orange cc covered w velvety choc-orange ganache & a jaffa

Island Style - coconut cc covered w dreamy white choc ganache & coconut sprinkles

Mz Tracy - honey comb cc covered w luscious caramel frosting & crushed choc honey comb crumbs

Fat Freddy - choc mint cc covered w velvety dark choc mint ganache & a choc freddo

Crystal Ladi - white choc & pineapple mud cc covered with dreamy white choc ganache

Moffee - milo & coffee cc covered w caramel frosting & milo sprinkles

Cheeky Monkey- banana cc covered w chocolate cream cheese frosting

Fudge Delight - caramel mud cc covered w fudgy caramel frosting

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